Teaching and Learning

At Victor Harbor Primary we believe good teaching is…….

  • providing all children with a solid foundation to build life skills, making their learning journey relevant, consistent, fun and memorable.
  • developing the whole child [emotional, physical, educational, wellbeing, spiritual].
  • providing opportunities for each student to reach their individual potential.
  • developing relationships based on mutual respect between all stakeholders – students, teachers and home.
  • fostering in students a curiosity, creativity and an enthusiasm for the world they live in and a joy and love of lifetime learning.

Lessons and Pedagogy

At Victor Harbor Primary School, our day is split into 6 x 50 minute lessons, with a break for recess and lunch time.  

Our approach is one that balances explicit instruction in new learning, with guided and independent practice of skills, and opportunities to think critically and creatively.  

Teachers differentiate for the individual needs of students and personalise learning wherever possible, with the intention of offering an inclusive and adaptable classroom environment that responds to student needs.