Materials & Services charges for the coming year are declared by Governing Council in December to allow parents as much time as possible to budget for payment.

This is used, together with Department for Education grants, to provide your child with text books, educational materials, and equipment in all subjects during the course of study at the school. Stationery and duplicating materials are provided throughout the year. Excursions and either Swimming or Aquatics are also covered by the Materials and Services charge.

2024 M&S charge rebate.

A $100 rebate (discount) is available for parents and carers who are required to pay the 2024 Materials & Services charge.

Students approved for School Card aren’t eligible to receive the discount as they are already exempt from paying the Material & Services charge.

Payment of Fees

School fees may be paid in instalments or by other arrangements with front office. Families are asked to pay fees soon after school commencing. Families experiencing financial difficulty may apply to have school fees paid by the Government (School Card), if eligible, or by making arrangements with the Finance Officer.

School Card

The School Card is a Government scheme to assist lower income families with school fee payments.

School fees, Uniform and lunch orders can be paid via the Qkr App. Download the app and register your children to use this service.

Payments are made through BPoint and allows families to make payments using their Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards over the internet.