Welcome to Victor Harbor Primary School.

Governing Council is jointly responsible for the governance of the school with the principals.

Its members are representatives from the school; Principal and staff reps, parents of students and community members. Parents are elected at the AGM and hold office for two years.

Governing Council aims to support the school in achieving the best educational outcomes.

To help that happen we recognise that there needs to be a healthy relationship between school and home.

Governance is the responsibility of the council, management and day to day operations are for the principals. Governance includes setting the direction and vision of the school, financial planning and strategic planning.

We encourage parents to stand for governing council as it gives you a better understanding of how the school operates.

Council meetings are held twice a term. There are also sub-committee meetings.

Those sub-committees are:-

  • Finance
  • OSHC
  • Canteen
  • Grounds
  • Fundraising

Meetings are held once or twice a term. Committees are made up of councillors, staff, and interested parents

We hope you and your child have a happy and enjoyable time at Victor Harbor Primary School.