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At Victor Harbor Primary School our Uniform Policy has been developed to:

  • promote a positive image of the school.
  • create a sense of identity among students and the community.
  • support student safety through ease of identification.
  • make sure students are dressed appropriately for all school activities.

Our colour code includes, sky blue, navy blue and white.

Polo Shirts
Plain navy blue/sky blue or white.
Including Year 6 T-shirts, school musical, and Nunga.

Plain navy blue trousers or track pants and leggings.
Jeggings and other active wear are not part of the school’s dress code.

Plain blue jeans.
Not blue/black. No holes, rips or tears.

Plain navy blue.
These must be no shorter than mid-thigh length, no bike shorts.

Navy and white check
These must be no shorter than mid-thigh length.

Windcheaters/Jumpers and Jackets
Plain navy blue, or school hoodie.
Including camp tops and SAPSASA jumpers.
Hoodies, jackets and windcheaters that are patterned extensively, fur trimmed or include a sports club logo are not acceptable.

Footwear should enclose the toe and heel and be suitable for all types of activities, including running and exercise.
Thongs, sandals, gum boots, crocs and heeled shoes are not acceptable for student safety.

Non Corded broad brim and bucket hats in plain navy blue.
Sun safe hats are compulsory for all outdoor activities exceeding 15minutes in Term 1 and Term 4.
Hats are not to be worn inside.

It is recommended that hair is to be tied back or plaited, as an effective precaution against the transmission of head lice.

Jewellery and Make Up
Watches (not Smart watches), small earrings and medic alert bracelets are acceptable.
Smart Watches that take photos or make phone calls are not acceptable.
Dangling earrings and large necklaces are not acceptable for student safety.
Make up is not to be worn.


Our school uniform items can be purchased directly from the front office, or can be ordered on our school Qkr app, to be collected at a later date.

Price List 2022

Dress Code