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What’s News in Our Unit


Dates to remember, news topics, photos and updates. Everything you need to know about learning in Our Special Education Unit at Victor Harbor Primary School.

Our Unit is a Department for Education Special Option hosted by Victor Harbor Primary School for the Southern Fleurieu region.

This Disability Unit provides individualised learning programs in a small group setting to meet the needs of students with a range of intellectual and physical disabilities. We are structured in class groupings. We have junior and senior multi-age classes.

We have a higher staff to student ratio than the mainstream. From 2022, we cater for students from Reception to Year 6.

We are resourced to meet the specialised needs of students with complex disabilities. We have a dedicated staff proud to assist all students to find their voice and place in our mainstream setting and school community.


Celebrating Our Students

A collection of videos, artwork and poetry, celebrating the achievements of our students in the Unit.